Fine In Floral
Fine In Floral
Fine In Floral
Fine In Floral

Fine In Floral

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You're getting ready for the gym when your phone buzzes, you look down at a text from your best friend. She's just messaged you that your cheating ex is now working at the gym YOUR gym. You look down at your plain leggings and loose fitting tank.

You message her back promptly,  'Good.' 

You go through your fitness clothing and know exactly what you're looking for, your Floral Set that is so form fitting and looks amazing on you. You were going to save it for your first personal trainer class but this is worth it. 

Walking up to him at the counter to check in is the best feeling in the world, everyone is turning their head to look at you and he doesn't even know what to say but he's bright red and can't stop staring at you, the only time you've seen him not talking sh*t! 

Perfect for hitting the gym or a tough hike, possibly even a basic festival look,  you can look amazing on any occasion with our Fine In Floral Set! 

Material: Polyester, Cotton, Elastic Waist


Size (cm)


Hip Waist  Top Length


Pant Length 



89 64 31 29
M 90 93 68 32 30
L 94 97 72 33 31
XL 98 101 76 34 32


You will love your brand new Fine In Floral set!


You'll look simply gorgeous. x