Screaming Scarlet Stunner 3 piece Set

Screaming Scarlet Stunner 3 piece Set

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You spent a while getting ready, your makeup and hair are on point, you have rhinestones framing your eyes, your, body is banging, You're in your tent, waiting for your friend to show up. 

It's a fair walk up there so she's taking a little white, but she's let you know she's on her way. You're a little nervous to leave the tent, there's a lot of skin on show but who cares? You look awesome.

Your friend gets to your tent, you scream at how amazing she looks, shes in the matching Silver Stunner Set. You've never looked better. 

You run into her cheating Ex, drinking his sorrow away as you're walking hand in hand with your bestie. You both stare him down with killer gazes as he can't seem to take his eyes off you both. Can you blame him? You walk by him and he grabs your friend's arm. She pours her drink on his sorry head, it's the best thing you've ever seen. 

You are the bell of the ball, but you don't need no beast!

Make your dream a reality- 

You will love your brand new Screaming Scarlet Stunner Set!

You'll be simply gorgeous. x