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Jewelled Crop

Jewelled Crop

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You enter the Party, you lock eyes with a stranger. Their eyes slowly wander down your body and a smile appears as they mischievously take in your gorgeous figure, perfectly accentuated by your gorgeous, sparkling attire. 

You are so glad you didn't go plain Jane & you tried something more risky. Lights bounce off you and it's hard to look away as you dance across the floor. All attention on you, you grab a stranger by the hand and begin to make memories you aren't soon to forget, dancing with confidence only a killer outfit can bring to the table.  You drag  your new beau into the corner and tell their fine self to wait for you, you'll 'be right back.'

You catch a glimpse of your reflection in the bathroom mirror. Uh oh. 

You're stuck in front of the mirror for the rest of the night, you've become enamored by yourself. 

Please avoid your reflection at all costs while wearing our Jewelled Crop. 

20 cm length

Material: Acrylic 

Fabric Type: Broadcloth

You will love your brand new Jewelled Crop!

You'll look simply gorgeous. x